When using household appliances in everyday life, some common sense is often ignored, it is very important to understand some common sense of household appliances in everyday life.

First, the washing machine. Do not place heavy objects on top of the washing machine, remember to check all pockets before putting clothes in the washing machine, and use only special detergents for washing machines. You should do manual cleaning once a month, and use special cleaning and maintenance cleaning products, especially with a rubber door card. After each cleaning, wipe the rubber parts in the machine, take out the drawer and clean it, then air dry.

Secondly, the rice cooker wipes the inner pot full of water stains and then puts it into the rice cooker. When washing the inner tank, be sure to wipe it with a soft sponge, and remember not to rub it with a steel ball, so as not to damage the inner and outer walls.

Third, place plates, bowls, and pots upside down in the dishwasher so they don't touch each other. Remember to peel off any stickers from the plates and clean them to prevent clogging of the plate and cup stickers. Use professional dishwashers and dishwashing detergent for the filter, do not use them indiscriminately.

Fourth, the microwave oven should try not to put anything on top of the microwave oven and activate the empty microwave oven, which can easily destroy the uterine equipment and generate microwaves. Products not intended for use in a microwave oven, plastic containers and metal containers, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel, and other utensils should be placed in a microwave oven for heating.

Fifth, the toaster. Do not place the toaster in a damp place or near flammable objects such as curtains and plastic, and remember to wash it once a week.