Over the past few days, temperatures have dropped sharply in most parts of the country, and cold winter has indeed set in. Friends in the north have already warmed up, and in principle, they will not catch a cold if they do not go out. In addition to relying on their honesty, friends in the south should also be blessed with good things for the winter so that they can have a comfortable winter. Interested friends, let's take a look~

1. Small solar heater
In the cold winter, there is a small solar heater in the room, and the room temperature can be raised by seven to eight degrees, which is very suitable for the cold and humid winter in the south. If the clothes you wear in a hurry are not dry, you can bake them with a heater. At night before going to bed, use a space heater to warm up the room, and you will soon be warm, which is just a magical tool for falling asleep.
It should be noted that when using a small sun, try not to get too close to the bed or quilted clothes, as it is easy to create a danger in high temperatures.
2. Desktop humidifier
In winter, after heating, the air in the room becomes relatively dry, and it will be uncomfortable for a person’s whole breath and skin after a long stay in the room. It is very necessary to put an air humidifier on the countertop.
A humidifier can not only increase the humidity of the air in the room but also alleviate the condition of the skin, which has been dry for a long time. A humidifier is suitable not only for winter, but also for spring and autumn, and there will be no idle work at home.
3. Baseboard insulation
A baseboard heater is like a small solar heater, installing it in a room can quickly raise the temperature in the room. However, it is also easier to make the indoor air dry, and the skin and airways become uncomfortable. Pay attention to humidification and proper ventilation~
4, warm quilted sofa cover
A warm quilted table and a sofa cover are really indispensable things at home in winter! It's really warm and cozy here. When there's nothing to do, you can watch dramas in the room with your girlfriends or friends. It's not very convenient.
If you put your favorite snacks or playing cards on the table, you can play until the end of the world, and staying at home during the holidays is a must.
5. Heated floor
If the area of ​​​​the room is relatively small, you can directly spread it on the floor and step on it with bare feet.
6. Electric table mat
An irreplaceable thing for study and office in the winter! If there is no heating at home or at the enterprise, with this electric table mat you will no longer be afraid of cold hands during work and study.
7. Pillow in the electric chair
Xiaofeng had already used his Amway colleague and he was really warm. He felt that his buttocks were warm and he felt very warm. Even if he couldn't go to the toilet for a long time, he didn't want to get up. off the chair, it was so suitable for winter.
8. Bedside rugs
Place one next to your bedroom bed and when you get out of bed, your feet will be able to step directly onto the rug without touching the cold floor. If the bedroom has a bay window, place it directly on the bay window, if the weather is good, then you can bask in the sun and drink tea on the bay window, which is very inconvenient.
9. Shoe dryer
In winter, when it rains and snows, it’s really uncomfortable. On the way to and from work, shoes get wet easily. In addition, the temperature is low, and wet shoes dry very slowly. It’s cold and uncomfortable to wear on your feet. her before going to bed, and the next day to work dry warm shoes.
10. Foot warmer
For those who have cold hands and feet in winter, foot warmers are very useful! No matter how cold the weather is outside, as soon as you put your feet in the foot warmer, the world suddenly becomes warmer.

With the above ten winter cold winter artifacts, you no longer need to be afraid of this winter.
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